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What We Offer

Security Audits
PKCERT conducts periodic security audits and infrastructure assessments to identify existing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and recommends mitigation measures accordingly. These services aim at establishing trust in ICT transactions, systems, and infrastructures.
Risk Management Services
PKCERT provides comprehensive guidelines and training to its constituents on cyber risk and information security governance issues present in their organizations.
Policy/Regulation Formulation
PKCERT actively collaborates with domain experts to contribute towards the development of policies, regulations, and standards at the National level in diverse domains of information, telecom, and Cyber Security.
Forensic and Malware Analysis
PKCERT supports its constituents and stakeholders by providing efficient on-demand forensic artifact handling services. This encompasses expert forensic analysis, rigorous malware analysis, and comprehensive reverse engineering capabilities to fulfill individual needs.
Vulnerability Assessments
PKCERT is equipped with technical knowledge and skills to provide on-demand vulnerability handling, analysis, and mitigation services to its constituents. Moreover, based on this analysis, the highly skilled professionals of PKCERT assign severity levels to vulnerability considering its potential harm to the organization’s critical assets.
Screening and Product Evaluation
PKCERT conducts screening and evaluation of supply chain products for its constituents. This assessment is mainly focused on evaluating tools, applications, or other services for identifying and addressing security loopholes so that overall security can be strengthened. Additionally, PKCERT actively assesses sector-specific products, either being procured or already in use, to ensure compliance with national or organizational standards and best practices. The objective of this service is to foster trust in ICT applications, products, and systems.