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NCERT Delivers Successful Cyber Security Training to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The National Cyber Emergency Response Team (NCERT) achieved a noteworthy milestone by successfully conducting a comprehensive training session on Cyber Security Awareness for the esteemed Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).
Mr. Khurram Javed, Director Capacity Building led the training program which encompassed a spectrum of essential topics with a targeted focus. The session delved into key subjects including Social Engineering, best practices for Social Media and Smart Technology utilization, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), Intelligence-Counter Intelligence strategies, and the Safeguarding of both personal and official information.
The training provided a mesmerizing learning experience for officials and officers of MoFA, empowering them with practical knowledge to mitigate cyber risks effectively. In addition to the on-site attendees, online participation from 40 Pakistan Embassies dispersed across various corners of the world were also entertained. The skills of NCERT, together with MoFA’s dedication, are paving a path to make our digital future safe.