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NCERT and NEPRA Collaborate to Shape the Future of CERT

A collaboration meeting took place between the National Cyber Emergency Response Team (NCERT) and the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) team at NEPRA Office, Islamabad. The delegation from NCERT included key representatives, Dr. Haider Abbas – Director General of NCERT, Dr. Mehreen Afzal – Director GRC, Dr. M. Yousaf – Director CERT, Mr. Khurram Javed – Director Capacity Building, and Mr. Altaf ur Rehman – Director Labs.
The primary objective of the meeting was to focus on collaborative initiatives pertaining to cyber emergency response, particularly in the context of enhancing nation’s Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) capabilities.
NCERT team introduced NCERT’s essential role in safeguarding cyber infrastructure and responding to emergent cyber threats. The team emphasized how NCERT’s initiatives have been driving proactive measures to ensure the nation’s digital resilience. The meeting revolved around identifying areas where the expertise of both organizations could align to foster the growth of CERT initiatives.
The meeting concluded on an optimistic note, with a shared understanding that collaboration between NCERT and NEPRA has the potential to significantly combat cyber threats. The envisioned partnership between NCERT and NEPRA seeks to enhance the nation’s ability to effectively mitigate cyber risks while promoting secure digital transformation.
In essence, the NCERT-NEPRA collaboration calls the urgency of uniting cybersecurity expertise to safeguard critical infrastructure, emphasizing the commitment of both entities to ensuring a secure digital landscape for Pakistan’s technological progress.