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Fostering Collaboration in Cybersecurity: The Role of the National CERT among Government, Industry, and Academia

In a significant stride towards fortifying Pakistan’s digital defenses, the National Cyber Emergency Response Team (PKCERT) has taken a pioneering role in promoting collaboration amongst the Government, Industry, and Academia to enhance cybersecurity measures. The collaboration between the Government, Industry, and Academia through the efforts of the National CERT underscores the urgency of a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. By pooling together their distinct strengths, these sectors can not only respond more adeptly to cyber incidents but also proactively innovate solutions to prevent potential threats.
Under the PAK-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership Grant Program, UK and partner universities from Pakistan organized a series of events at NUST and COMSATS University in collaboration with the National CERT. These events were attended by experts from industry, government, and academia. The events included an AI-Driven hackathon and an International Colloquium on AI-based interdisciplinary research.
Dr. Haider Abbas, Director General of the National CERT while addressing to closing ceremony of AI- Driven Hackathon highlighted the vital role of National CERT in facilitating the tripartite collaboration from their different sectors in securing Pakistan’s digital assets. He also mentioned that National CERT would serve as an enabler for this essential collaboration.